Testing as a Service

The benefits of software testing are widely known – reduction in time to market, considerable cost savings and reduced risk. However, there are overheads and logistics associated with the implementation of testing, particularly around accommodating test teams for prolonged periods of time, continuously sourcing and training testers and aligning them with the scheduled test program. For some organizations, this can prove to be a barrier to entry.

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TaaS Can Be a Game Changer

We want as many organizations as possible to implement testing and reap its many benefits because quite simply, the world’s software is of a much higher quality when it is rigorously and robustly tested. But we understand that implementing testing requires appropriate levels of staffing.

TTC’s Testing as a Service (TaaS) provides organizations with significant opportunity to deploy testing into their environments without having to scale up headcount and its associated logistics. With TaaS, you can utilize TTC’s world-class testing capability on demand or as scheduled via a resourcing program that flexes around your individual organizational needs.

How it Works

Our first step is to initially spend time at your site, so we can fully understand the application under test and build critical relationships and trust. We will agree a communications plan, including remote access protocol and undertake a technical evaluation.

Thereafter our in-house experts will remotely access your test environment to set up and execute tests. The management and monitoring of these test is done remotely, removing the need for a team to be deployed to your site and thereby eliminating the physical workspace challenges this can bring.

Our outcome-based delivery model means we provide remotely managed, 24/7 automated testing with instant deployment. Centralized progress reporting can be provided to your own internal SharePoint site where you can access reports at any time, providing the flexibility for you to monitor and audit our progress independently.

How You’ll Benefit From TaaS

  1. The TaaS model allows you to call on our capability as and when required, both on-demand and/or on-schedule.

  2. You get the benefits of testing without having to add to your existing test team.

  3. The knowledge and IP stays locked within the test platform and stays within your business.

  4. It’s our business to stay at the forefront of software testing. You’ll have access to our world-class knowledge and expertise, wherever you are in the world.

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If you’re ready to transform your test practice and want to hear more about how TTC can partner you through TaaS, we’d love to hear from you.