Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) is the meaningful and actionable data that is extracted from all the raw data an organization has collected. Either tracked in real-time on dashboards or presented historically, BI provides decision-makers with a degree of foresight and confidence when making critical business choices. As companies are increasingly relying on business intelligence to make these decisions, ensuring the veracity of data is more important than ever.

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Business Intelligence Testing is Essential

During periods of hyper-care and typically following a go-live, it’s important that business leaders have 'on-demand' data they can trust. Poor data models and capacity limitations can have a negative effect on dashboards, especially in time-critical situations.

BI models that shift with the market or with emerging trends require significant regression testing. Without it, as models change the quality of reports could be compromised, thus lowing the validity of the data and project.

The number of possible data combinations for ad hoc reports is nearly impossible to test manually, but there are many tools in market that enable users to easily and quickly generate reports for any given criteria. To ensure business user confidence and adoption, BI testing is essential.

Test the functionality, validity and performance of your BI and data warehouse systems better

TTC’s experts will work with you to identify and implement the right BI testing tool that meets your organizational requirements.

When your team has data they can trust, this builds confidence in forecasts and reporting and enables better decisions to be made. It also means data warehousing processes can be better monitored, which leads to further optimization and efficient reporting. And finally, ETL testing helps developers stay on top of architectural and functional issues.

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